💅🏻 (Pas si) fragile! 💅🏻

🌷 Performance for the biennale (Pas si) fragile! the next performance generation, at Studio Thor, Brussels, Sept 2022 🌷

“There was room for a good deal of the new teenage consumer culture within the ‘culture of the bedroom’—experimenting with make-up, listening to records, reading the mags, sizing up the boyfriends, chatting, jiving: it depended, rather, on some access by girls to room and space within (rather than outside) the home” -Angela McRobbie & Jenny Garber

This performance combines poetry reading and pop songs. It references the ‘culture of the bedroom’ described by Angela McRobbie and Jenny Garber in their essay “Girls and subcultures”, where they explain that teenage girls are culturally educated to “protect” themselves by prioritizing time spent in the domestic space rather than outside. Their bedroom becomes the place these girls can inhabit in the safety of the intimate worlds they create with their computers, televisions, smartphones, books…

🌸 Thank you to Clara Louis, Wenceslas Kaboré, Thierry Smits, Jean-François Lejeune, Benjamin Huynh, François dejonge, Julien Dutertre, Lucille Calmel, Antoine Pickels, Manon Blanc and Laura Nataf for their help! 🌸

📸 Photo credits: Camille Poitevin 📸